"Fridge Magnet Fantasy
knows how to get you hooked on a sound.."

- The Sounds Won't Stop


Originally a three piece, Fridge Magnet Fantasy came into existence in December 2018 with founder members Inga (Vox, Synthesizer), Sam (Gtr n Keys) and Serdar (Drums). They were soon gigging around Berlin with Sound Man Ben and their heroic driver Gary. At first they played cover versions while writing original material on the fly. FMF recorded and filmed a video for their first song “Gloria" early in 2019. More songs soon followed.

After a short stint with Chilean undertaker Gigi on bass, they found the multi talented Danish bassist, engineer and producer Niko. Always a multicultural band, Inga is german, Sam is from Scotland, and Serdar turkish, the addition of a Dane further enriched their blend of heritage. FMF joined Tune Up e.V. in Berlins RAW area near Warschauer Straße area in November 2019. They practiced and recorded regularly there and by mid 2020 they had their first EP “Fix Me" in the can.

A follow up video for the proto psychedelic ballad “Boy" was released in summer 2020, straight after the EP hit the shelves. An amicable split with Serdar, Chilean drummer Franco took the percussion throne. They drew inspiration from the multiple musical disciplines: rock, pop, punk, wave, 80s, folk ...you name it! Searching for a genre name for the band was interesting, too many facets to put in one phrase! So FMF invented their own. They describe themselves as “Revenge Pop". They soon recorded the Christmas single "You sleep" to round off 2020.

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Acoustic Livestream Concert
14. November 2020

Window Concert, Fête de la musique
21. June 2020

Klippo, Fridge Magnet Fantasy & Pari Pari @ Café Köpenick
18. January 2020

Horse Bar
21. December 2019

Mamba, Sector 5 & Fridge Magnet Fantasy @ Café Köpenick
7. December 2019

Fridge Magnet Fantasy ft. Luise @ Horse Bar
21. September 2019

Fridge Magnet Fantasy ft. Kathi Flach @ Horse Bar
15. June 2019

Fridge Magnet Fantasy ft. Kathi Flach @ Horse Bar
11. May 2019

Horse Bar
20. April 2019

Horse Bar
16. March 2019

Horse Bar
23. Februrary 2019